The fifteen photographs show the interior of a three-storey prefabricated slab building in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen, which housed a kindergarten until the mid-1990s and was then used as a secret recreational meeting place for young people from the neighbourhood when it was left empty as a ruin. It is the traces of this dual use that interest Marcus Kaiser and on which he has focused his gaze: Rudiments of institutionally mediated art education on the one hand and ever new signs of free, often wild, destructive creativity on the other. Partly standing next to each other incoherently, unconnected, overlapping and complementing each other, these remnants of various youth cultural forms of expression evoke an aesthetic that can also be found in current trends of contemporary art. He associatively gives the individual pictures titles such as “Meeze”, “Hirschhorn”, “Majerus”, “Planet of the Apes”.
Guido W. Baudach, 1999