Broken Image, Installation, Berlin, 2020
Broken Image, 2020

Marcus Kaiser has been exploring the concept of the image for almost 30 years. Following on from his work on “Artificial Ruins”, Kaiser photographed numerous destroyed and abandoned buildings as well as deconstructions and demolitions of modern architecture in the east of Berlin, such as the „Ahornblatt”, in the 1990s and early 2000s. In 2003, he created the installation “z.T. Garten”, an optical hut with a virtual image of the city on the site of the former Szczecin railway station. The installation “Broken Image” on the grounds of the Friedrich – Ludwig – Jahn – Sportpark follows on from these works. Documentary film footage of demolition work on modern GDR architecture illuminates the ticket booth transformed into a sculpture and confronts the viewer with the still-existing “image” of the stadium. (Katharina Lüdicke, Curator)

Broken Image, opening october,16, 2020